The challenge is always to use materials in a new and different way, and make them convey meaning and portray form in a manner that has not previously been seen.

“To express one’s self is a timeless need – sculpture is a manifestation of this need and therefore relevant and beneficial.”

Andrew Rogers spoke recently at the National Gallery of Victoria about his journey with sculpture and land art and the ways life informs his practice.

Andrew Rogers’ sculptures connect with his audience and cause them to think, to learn, to wonder, to remember. His works delve into the complexities surrounding the human form; its essence and energy.  He wants them to engage with his sculptures, he wants them to touch and feel the smooth polished interior and the hard ribbed exterior. Doing so makes the sculptures become alive.

With no formal arts training, the process of Rogers mastering sculpture has been a prolific journey. This journey has been full of life, stories and memories, which have enriched his forms. He aims to capture the world’s vibrancy and beauty while also allowing for reflection and remembrance.

For Rogers, sculpting is an expression of the heart and not just an application of skill, it’s how he talks to his audience and how he relates to the world.

Anna Henry
08 July 2017

2017-07-08-The Essence of Andrew Rogers

Images:  Weightless 5, 2015, Bronze