To Life (Chai)

Sandstone, 38l x 33w m (125′ x 108′)
Arava Desert, Israel (30°36'18.96"N 35°11'45.73"E)
Based on the Hebrew word Chai, this is the first geoglyph created by Rogers.

Rhythms of Life

Sandstone, 29l x 24w m (95' x 79')
Arava Desert, Israel (30°36'13.92"N 35°11'43.80"E)
The first of Rogers' Rhythms of Life geoglyphs.


Sandstone, 80l x 38w m (263' x 125')
Arava Desert, Israel (30°36'17.69” N  35°11'39.43"E)
A reminder the Arava was once a seabed brimming with life.


Limestone, 32w x 8h m (105' x 26')
Arava Desert, Israel (30°36'5.88"N 35°11'18.67"E)
Based on the proportions of the Golden Ratio, the pristine white structure is edged in 23-carat gold to reflect the sun each morning as it rises over the Arava.