The challenge is always to use materials in a new and different way, and make them convey meaning and portray form in a manner that has not previously been seen.

‘Sentinels’ is a minimalist sculpture of four columns forming a spectacular silhouette against the landscape of Gibbs Farm.  It was commissioned by the owner Alan Gibbs.

Subject to whirling coastal winds, it is capable of enduring storms. ‘Sentinels’, 15-metre tall pillars made from steel and black concrete, direct our gaze to the vast shadows they cast as the sun rises. Whilst the dark structure appears austere, the colour of the columns changes with the changing light of day.

Each column’s commanding presence suggests we watch over land, sky and sea for generations to come.

Located on Kaipara Harbour on the North Island of New Zealand, Gibbs Farm was established over twenty years ago. It is one of the most significant sculpture parks in the world. The Farm showcases works by Sol LeWitt, Richard Serra, Anish Kapoor, George Rickey, Bernar Venet and now Andrew Rogers.

Andrew Rogers is the first Australian artist to receive a commission for Gibbs Farm.