The challenge is always to use materials in a new and different way, and make them convey meaning and portray form in a manner that has not previously been seen.

Selected Museums, Public & Corporate collections


Hall Park Frisco, Texas, USA
The Air We Breathe, 6.4m (21′)

Zhengzhou Public Art Program, Henan, China
I Am, 2.7m (8.85′)

Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Folded 3, 1.44m (57″)

2017 Expo Future Energy
Astana, Kazakhstan
I Am –  Energy, 10.5m high (34.5’)

Gibbs Farm
Kaipara Makarau, New Zealand
Sentinels, 15m high (50′)

Manetti Shrem Museum,
University of California Davis,
California, USA
I Am, 2.2m (7’ 3”)

Hall Arts, Dallas, USA
Rhythms of Life, 2.6m (8’ 6”)

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
Rhythms of Life
To Life

Google Headquarters, California, USA

Nevada Museum of Art, Nevada, USA
Rhythms of Life Land Art Project Exhibition of Photographs
106 prints

United Jewish Federation,
New York, USA
Celebration of Life Photographic Exhibition

Yale University, Connecticut, USA

Residence of the Australian Consul General
New York, USA
Rhythms of Life, H 67cm (2’ 2″)
Weightless 3, H71cm (2’ 4″)

Borusan Holdings, Istanbul, Turkey
Unfurling, 3.1m (10’)

Grounds for Sculpture, New Jersey, USA
Flora Exemplar, H 2.2m (7’ 3″)
Leading 1, H 2m (6’ 7″)
Flora Exemplar, H 4.6m (15’ )

Akureyri Museum, Iceland
Rhythms of Life – Bronze relief

Hall Park, Dallas, Texas, USA
Rhythms of the Metropolis, H 6m (19’ 8″)
Flora Exemplar, H 2.2m (7’ 3″)
Growing, H 4m (13’ 2″)
Leading 2, H 2.2m (7’ 3″)
Evolving, H 2.4m (7’ 10″)
Macrocosm, H 3m (9’ 10″)
Observe, H 3m (9’ 10″)
Living, H 4m (13’ 2″)
Balanced, H 4m (13’ 2″)
Ripening, H 4m (13’ 2″)
Propagating, H 4m (13’ 2″)
Coil 1, H 3m (9’ 10″)
Growth, H 4m (13’ 2″)
Organic, H 4m (13’ 2″)
Breaking Out, H 3m (9ft. 10″)

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel
Torch of Learning
Rhythms of the Metropolis, H 6m (19’ 8″)

Technion – Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
(Artist in Residence)
Transform, H 3.8m (12’ 6″)
Flora Exemplar

Australian Consul General’s Residence, Kobe, Japan
Rhythms of the Metropolis

Sapir, Arava, Israel
Flora Exemplar, H 2.2m (7’ 3″)
To Life, H 38.5m X 33m (126′ × 10′)
Rhythms of Life, 29m x 20m (95′ × 65′)
Slice, 60m x 38m (197′ × 125′)
Ratio, 8m x 32m (26′ × 105′)

Harwood Center, Dallas, Texas, USA
Running Man, H 1.5m (4’ 11″)

Hall Vineyard Inc., California, USA
Reaching Away, H 4.6m (15’)
I Dreamed, H 2.6m (8’ 6″)
Flora Exemplar, H 2.2m (7’ 3″)
Growing, H 2.6m (8’ 6″)
Spirit, H 3m (9’ 10″)
Evolution, H 4m (13’ 2″)
Balance, H 2.4m (7’ 10″)
Organic, H 4m (13’ 2″)
Growth, H 4m (13’ 2″)
Coil 1, H 3m (9’ 10″)

Warner Brothers Complex, Taipei, Taiwan
Film Director, H 3.5m (11’ 6″)

Warner Village Cinemas, Berkshire, UK
Film Director, H 3.5m (11’ 6″)

Hokoku Construction, Kobe, Japan
Flora Exemplar, H 2.2m (7’ 3″)

Balexert Cinemas, Switzerland
Film Director, H 3.5m (11’ 6″)

City of Vienna, Nussdorferstrasse, Vienna, Austria
Flora Exemplar, H 3.1m (10’ 2″)

Estate of Dr Simon Wiesenthal, Vienna, Austria

Office of Hasfat Abiola,
Founder, Kuridat Institute for Nigerian

Office of Vincente Fox,
Former President of Mexico

Machu Picchu Municipality, Peru
Rhythms of the Andes, H 3.5m (11’ 6″)

Office of Jigme Lynpo,
Minister for Culture, Bhutan
Flora Exemplar

Golden Village, Marine Square South Multiplex, Singapore
Camera Man, H 2m (6’ 7″)

Maroussi Multiplex, Athens, Greece
Camera Man 2, H 2m (6’ 7″)

International Conference Center, Jerusalem, Israel
Rhythms of Life, H 2.6m (8’ 6″)

Museou do Holocausto de Curitiba, Curitiba, Brazil
Holocaust Memorial


Selected Museums, Public & Corporate Collections

Walker Corporation Collins Square, Melbourne, Victoria, 2023
The Air We Breathe,  6.4m (21′)

WestConnex Canal to Creek Public Art Program,
St Peters Interchange, Sydney, NSW, 2020
To Be – Ikigai, Diptych 5m (16’5″)

Deakin University, Burwood, Victoria (70)

Pt Leo Estate
Merricks, Victoria
Rise 1, 7.1m (23’ 4”)
Folded, 3.0m (9’10”)
Weightless 9, 1.5m (5’)

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Victoria
We Are, 8 bronze sculptures abating in height from 2.4m (7’11”)
Folded, 78cm (31”)

The Ian Potter Museum of Art
University of Melbourne, Parkville, Victoria
Flora Exemplar, 65cm (25.6”)
Living, 41cm (16.1”)
Evolution, 38cm (15”)
Coiled, 100cm (39.4”)
Ode to Kairos, 87cm (34.3”)
Molten Concept 13, 68cm (27”)
Random 1, 22.6cm (9”)
I Am, triptych 65cm (26”)

Geelong Gallery, Geelong, Victoria
Balanced, 32cm (12.6”)
Growth, 40cm (15.8”)
Ripening, 39cm (15.4”)

National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, ACT
Growing, 68cm (26.8”)
Flora Exemplar, 65cm (25.6”)
Spirit, 64cm (25.2”)
Leading 1, 67cm (26.4”)
Catching Wind, 78cm (30.7”)
Rhythms of the Metropolis, 67cm (26.4”)
Mother Earth 1, 42cm (16.5”)
Coil, 39cm (15.4”)
Coiled, 100cm (39.4”)
Rise, 44cm (17.3”)
Ode to Kairos, 87cm (34.3”)
Weightless 8, 148cm (58.3”)
Folded 1, 105cm (41.3”)
Molten Concept 13, 42cm (16.5”)
Living, 41cm (16.1”)
Evolution, 38cm (15”)
The Fiddler, 55cm (21.7”)
I Am, Artist Proof 1.6m (63”)
Perception & Reality 1,  maquette
I Am,
65cm (26”)
Rhythms of Life, H 65cm (26″)

McClelland Sculpture Park+Gallery, Langwarrin, Victoria
Rhythms of Life, 117cm (46”)
Gaia, 9m (29.5’)
A Winding Path, A Search for Truth, 22m x 26m (72′ x  85′)
Organic, H 4.2m, (13’ 9″)
Observe, H 2.6m (8’ 6″)

Yabby Lake Vineyard, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria
From Hope to Optimism
3.5m x 3.5m x 3.0m (11.5’ x 11.5’ x 10’)

University of Sydney, Sydney, New South Wales
15 bronze sculptures abating in height from 3.5m (11.5’)
To Be, 2.15m (7′)

National Alpine Museum of Australia, Mount Buller, Victoria
Beyond Origins, 2.5m (8’3”)
Ode to Kairos, 3.0m (10′)
Nature Exemplar,  3.16m (10’4″)

Australian National Airport, Canberra, ACT
Perception & Reality 1,   7.5m (24’6″)
I Am, 7.5m (24’6″)

Residence of the Australian Consul General
New York, USA
Rhythms of Life, H 67cm (2’ 2″)
Weightless 3, H 71cm (2’ 4″)

Willinga Park,
Bawley Point, New South Wales

Heide Museum of Modern Art, Victoria
Unfurling, H 2.7m (9’)

Art Gallery of New South Wales
Flora Exemplar, H 2.6m (8’ 6″)

Victorian Arts Centre, Melbourne
Rhythms of Life, H 2.6m (8’ 6″)

City of Melbourne, King Street, Melbourne, Victoria
City Living, H 5m (16’ 5″)

City of Melbourne, Jolimont Terrace, Melbourne, Victoria
I Dreamed, H 3.6m (11’ 10″)

The Victorian State Government – City of
Reaching Away, H 4.6m (15’)

Sale Regional Art Gallery, Victoria
Running Man

Mornington Peninsula Art Gallery, Victoria
Perception & Reality 2

Castlemaine Art Gallery, Victoria
Reaching Away

Mildura Art Centre, Victoria
Running Man

Bendigo Regional Art Gallery, Victoria

High Court Building, Queen & Little Bourke Streets, Melbourne, Victoria
Rhythms of the Metropolis, H 4.7m (15’ 5″)

Office of the Prime Minister
Commonwealth Parliamentary Offices,
Treasury Place, Melbourne

Citibank Building, 350 Collins Street,
Melbourne, Victoria
I Dropped My Bow, H 3.5m (11’ 6″)

Jam Factory, Prahran, Victoria
Camera Man, H 2m (6’ 7″)

Westfield Corporate Ltd., Sydney, NSW
The Experience

Crown Casino Complex, Melbourne, Victoria
Film Director, H 3m (9’ 10″)

University of Melbourne, Victoria
Running Man

Copelen, South Yarra, Victoria
Flora Exemplar, H 3.6m (11’ 10″)

Wesley College, Prahran, Victoria

Novotel International Hotel, Glen Waverly, Victoria
Industrial City, 7.5m x 4.5m (24’ 6″ × 14′ 8″)

Bristol Myers Squib, Victoria
Leading 2

The Becton Corporation, Port Melbourne, Victoria
Observe, H 2.6m (8’ 6″)

Shoreham, Victoria
Growing, H 4m (13’ 2″)

Melbourne Holocaust Museum, Elsternwick
Pillars of Witness, H 6m (19’ 8″)

Mount Scopus College, Melbourne
Growth, H 4m (13’ 2″)

Port Melbourne, Victoria
Leading 1, H 2m (6’ 7″)

Jewish Museum of Victoria

Springvale Cemetery, Victoria 2000
Buchenwald Memorial, H 4m (13’ 2″)
Tomb Memorial, H 3.5m (11’ 6″)

Chevra Kadisha, Noble Park, Victoria 2006
Babi-Yar Memorial, 2006

World Square – Sydney NSW
Rhythms of Life, H 2.6m (8’ 6″)
Leading, H 2.2m (7’ 3″)

Elgee Park, Red Hill, Victoria
Leading 1, H 2m (6’ 7″)

Macquarie University, NSW
Coil, H 3m (9’ 10″)
Labile, H 3m (9’ 10″)

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Victoria
Catching Wind, H 1.5m (4’ 11″)

University of New South Wales
Screen, H 2.5m (8’ 2″)